- radio here and now
Create a professional radio in half an hour. Without installing software on a computer, markup, downloads, schedules - everything is in the browser. Live broadcasts.
We offering all the tools to create a radio station on the Internet without downloading software to a computer.
  • Creating a schedule
    Creating a schedule according to the rules in automatic mode, and not randomly or manually as on other hosting services. Download the audio material, set up the rules and forget about the daily waste of time on scheduling
  • Ready player
    Which you can insert on your website or, in principle, use it as a website. Automatic uploading of covers and extended information on music tracks.
  • Linking your domain
    You can link your links and get rid of dependence on the hosting site. Also, if you pay the tariff immediately for one year, we will give you a 15% discount.
  • Cool sound
    More than 20 sound settings. No one offers this on the market. Your station in our service will sound like an FM station.
  • Support for other rotators
    Download ready schedules from another rotator.
  • Help with migration
    Are you not satisfied with another radio hosting? We will help you move in with us. We will give instructions and, if necessary, help you technically.
Cost is 40 euro per month for one station

All functions and tools are included in the price, and if you don't have enough space for files or a lot of people are listening to the station, you can buy it separately.

peak number of listeners
5 GB
a place for files
Automatic Metadata Editor
Markup editor (crossfades, jingle trimming)
Contact us:
+359 877 474 587 WA
Sirop Co. Ltd., 8180, Bulgaria, Burgas, Primorsko, Dga st., 38